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What soil to use for Desert Rose Plant?

I bought a Desert Rose plant and I’m wanting to plant it in a bigger pot. I have some regular Miracle-Grow potting soil do I need to mix it with anything or that enough? Also, the way I bought it a large part of the root-bulb looking part is sticking out, do I need to leave that sticking out or do the “branches” need to be the only thing sticking out? Thanks!


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  1. Donna R on April 20th, 2010 7:30 pm

    You must have a pot and soil that easily and quickly drains.You should grow your Desert Rose in a pot, indoors or outdoors. The best type is a plain, un-glazed bowl-shaped terra cotta pot (not plastic) with lots of stones or shards at the bottom. The bowl shape is the best because this provides a wide soil surface (for the fat base to develop) and a more shallow soil depth. Soil can be most any well-drained mix, but we urge you to buy fresh soil (that contains NO FERTILIZER) to help against possible fungus. Buying cactus mix is just fine. Buy the most expensive pro-mix type soil that is very light for the size of the bag. You may liberally add sand to your soil

  2. mmahavik on April 20th, 2010 8:17 pm

    Add sand to the Miracle grow mix for drainage, or purchase a cactus mix.The only thing that should be sticking out is the top growth of the plant.My educated guess without seeing the plant is this a corm, that could probably have it’s own pot.

  3. Ely G on April 20th, 2010 8:23 pm

    First of all, return the Miracle Gro Potting soil and get your money back. It is horrible! I got a bag from a rep and every plant I planted in it died, so I will NEVER use it. The soil I like is made by Schultz and is called Expert Gardener’s Perfect Mix. It is available at WalMart and a 10 dry qt. bag sells for just $2.50–a good bargain.

    To the potting soil, I would add about one third sand. Desert Rose is a succulent and likes to have good drainage. You SHOULD leave the bulb sticking out of the dirt–that’s the way it grows (like a ponytail palm). If you’re growing it inside, put it near a bright, sunny window; if outside, in a semi-shady location. Fertilize it with a good Cactus and Succulent Fertilizer (Again, Schultz makes a good one), and you should be successful with your Desert Rose. I think they’re a great plant, and I hope my information was helpful to you.

  4. D. G on April 20th, 2010 8:30 pm

    My best answer based on growing other desert plants is you should keep the soil light and if you can find something called builders sand you could add that to the soil. Try Googling the plant to see what else you can learn about it. I also suggest leaving the bulb partly on top of the soil since it probably doesn’t need to be completely under the soil. Check with your local nursery too for some advice. there’s a special soil mixture called “Cacti & succulent” mix that I use. I think it’s made by Miracle Gro

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